New Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Jiuquan aims to achieve sustainable development in the new energy equipment manufacturing industry by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the construction of the five million-kilowatt wind power project and the 1.35 million-kilowatt photovoltaic power project in the second phase of the Jiuquan Wind Power Base. By relying on the Jiuquan Wind Power Base and the development of the wind and solar power equipment manufacturing industry, Jiuquan is focused on attracting investment in solar thermal power equipment manufacturing, new energy storage equipment manufacturing, and wind and solar power equipment-supporting industries. The goal is to expand and extend the industrial chain, increase the scale of the industry, form industrial clusters, and strengthen the new energy equipment manufacturing industry, achieving intensive, high-end, and chain-based development.

Circular Economy Industry

Jiuquan is driving its circular economy and green development. The focus is on recycling and utilizing construction waste, the harmless disposal and utilization of kitchen waste, waste incineration and power generation from urban waste, the recycling of waste from wind power, and the reuse of mining waste.

Silicon Materials Industry

Utilizing its rich silicon ore resources and the processing capacity of Guazhou Sanxin Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., Jiuquan is establishing a silicon industry park to develop high-tech industries focused on the precision processing of silicon materials.

Graphite Deep Processing Industry

Jiuquan has developed a plan to utilize its abundant graphite resources, including the construction of a graphite science and technology industrial park. The park will focus on projects related to graphite research, exhibitions, trading, and the production of graphite for energy storage batteries to create a high-tech industrial park that integrates various aspects of production, study, research, incubation, and financing.

Biopharmaceutical Industry

Jiuquan is  promoting the deep processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, with a focus on the development of the Gancao (licorice) full industry chain project. This project will gradually lead the development of other traditional Chinese medicinal material industries, such as the Gouqi (Chinese wolfberry) and Suoyang (Cynomorium songaricum). Efforts will also be made to develop Chinese medicine granules, extracts, and formulated granule medicines, and to explore and cultivate new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine. Additionally, the certification and protection of Suoyang, Gouqi, and Gancao will be strengthened.

Data and Information Industry

Jiuquan is promoting the development and utilization of government big data, with a focus on public data services and commercial value-added services. It is leveraging its industrial advantages and utilizing new generation information technologies to foster the development of the big data industry system. Jiuquan aims to build a "smart park" and is vigorously constructing major information infrastructure, such as fiber optic broadband networks and wireless local area networks. It is also encouraging companies to establish regional big data centers and new energy data centers.

High-End Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Jiuquan is developing intelligent facilities for agricultural machinery, and processing machinery for agricultural products and traditional Chinese medicine. This aims to enhance its independent innovation capabilities and improve the overall level of agricultural machinery equipment.

Logistics Industry

By leveraging Jiuquan's policy advantages as a national logistics hub city and its strategic location in the western opening of the "Belt and Road Initiative," Jiuquan plans to establish a regional logistics base in Gansu that serves the western region and extends into Central Asia. It also plans to enhance its role as a regional circulation hub by developing customs special supervision areas like bonded zones, bonded warehouses, and export processing zones to foster an open economy.

Water Technology Industry

Jiuquan is promoting the development of water technology, water-saving irrigation, and water treatment industries and water data cloud computing research. The focus is on accelerating the development and production of water-saving products, equipment, and filtration systems. Its goal is to establish a prominent domestic base for research, manufacturing, and demonstrations in the water-saving industry.

Modern service industry

Jiuquan is focusing on modern service industries such as research and development design, technology transfer, technology incubation, and intellectual property. It is also growing its support for service industries, such as logistics, inspection and testing, financial services, and consulting.

Copyright © Jiuquan Municipal People’s Government. All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily.
Copyright © Jiuquan Municipal People’s Government. All rights reserved. Presented by China Daily.